Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pictures from David's blog

I've copied a few of the pics from my mate Davids blogsite ( and he takes better pics than me.

 French ligne battalion in defending a village. Please note the cardboard buildings. Most of my buildings are from the Osbourne model building series. I was once, many many years ago, a professional Architectural model maker!
 The 13th Dragoon regiment, one of 10 regiments in my collection. All are WF.
 Me in action (must do something about the battle of the bulge)
 French 26th Legere Regiment
 More French infantry on the move.
 122nd Infantry Regiment in white greatcoats, very common in the Peninsular War. WF & Perry miniatures.
 A shot of the 6' x 12' table in the wargames room. Big thanks to my wife Cathy who allowed me to convert the formal dining room into the "Games Room".
 French Legere behind the barricades, all Perry Minatures. Terrific figures.
37th Ligne advancing towards their Austrian foes. All my units are on movement trays. I've allowed room at the back of the trays for a tab stating their title and morale grade. Makes life so much easier getting the troops around the table.

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  1. Fantastic pictures, wonderful work on the figures and on the photos! I really like you 13th Dragoon regiment and 122nd Infantry Regiment in white greatcoats, fabulous!