Thursday, 13 December 2012

Imperial Romans

These are some of my Wargames Foundry Imperial Romans currently based for FOG. These are at least 10 years old and have been rebased 3 times. I haven't gamed with these chaps for may years, so its time to go back to my orignial basing system (6 x 2 man bases per cohort) dust off my Legio rules and invade someone. All of the shields are hand painted with head and weopon conversions throughout. Once again apologies for the wobbly pics.

 Vexilation formed from 2 Legions
 Ala Milliaria
 Cohors Quingenaria Peditata
 Ala Quingenaria
 Close up of a Peter Connolly inspired shield design.

 Legion command stand

Legion Cohors
Cohors Milliaria Peditata


  1. More great minis! Thanks for sharing Peter.


  2. Wow! They're fantastic Peter! Love them shields!

  3. Those are hand painted shields?! *boggles*

    Stunning work!

  4. Yes those shields are amazing, as are the rest of the models!

    1. Thanks for the compliments. There was a lot of satisfaction in the final product. all up I've got 12 legionary and 10 auxilla cohors. I'll post some more pics during the day.
      Cheers Peter

  5. These EIR with their hand painted shields are absolutely superb!