Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Murat at Eylau

This is a heavily converted figure I made for our Eylau demo game in October 2012. There's only a few 28mm Murat figures available which is surprising being the charismatic man he was.

The basis of the figure is Wargames Foundry's (WF) Murat. I've stuck him on a SYW horse and added the bearskin shabraque.

Murats ADC. He started life as a WF French hussar trooper. I've removed sword hilt, carbine and head. Added a colpack and modelled the tiger skin from greenstuff.

Finished command stand. I used bi-carb for the snow on top of a sand/paint textured bottom layer. Really pleased with the final outcome 


  1. Tidy bit of conversion work Peter well done.

  2. Thanks for all the help getting the blog up & running.

  3. Just realised I made the header too large by a few pixels, oh me oh my.....

    I'll cut and post your avatar soon.

  4. Big hats FYW! :-) Wonderful conversions and excellent looking command stand.

    Although I've played various historicals throughout the years (mostly 15mm), I am just getting started in 28mm Napoleonics. I'm surprised at the general lack of / reluctance(maybe?) to do conversions. Something I see quite regularly on the Games Workshop side of the house. So I am certainly looking forward to seeing more your work.


    1. Hello Jason

      Thanks for the compliments. I've always converted my figures to get the right look and feel for whatever personality or unit I'm raising. Most of the units that comprise my armies have special conversions, and it may be a simple as turning a head or raising an arm. I'll try and get some pics of my Imperial Romans up soon.