Thursday, 13 December 2012

Here's some more of my extensively convered 1814 cavalry units. All the lances are hand made and shaped on my belt sander. The horses are from WF SYW range with horse furniture made from greenstuff. I used WF Austrian Uhlans for the troopers, adding pistols and french personal equipment. 

3eme Eclaireurs de la Garde Imperiale

2eme Eclaireurs de la Garde Imperiale

1eme Carabineers

Close up of command stand
These nine figures make up the Provisional Carabineer brigade in my 1814 ordbat. These figures are also converted. I removed the original "box" Cuirassier portmanteau and replaced with the correct round portmanteau and cape, all made from greenstuff. I also removed and repinned the heads. The officers horse was converted from WF Gren a Chev with the pistol covers resculpured to resemble black bearskin.



  1. That's some excellent looking cav Peter! Did you use the SYW horses because they were larger?


  2. Actually the horses were the best size / proportion for the Eclaireurs. But the main reason was to have a "blank" light cavalry horse so I could make the correct horse furniture for the regiments. Peter

  3. Hi Pet, having seen your table and figures first hand in my recent trip up the coast I must comment how impressed I was both with your figures, displays, tables, research etc... It's a credit to you and I am extremely envious! lol Andrew :-)