Thursday, 20 December 2012

French Armee Units

 French Ligne of 2 battalions based for Empire V rules.
 Part of a French brigade.
 French Ligne & Legere
 These Old Garde are based for the Eylau demo game and also for 1814.
 14th Chasseurs a Cheval
 French Ligne 2 battalion regiment in greatcoats
French Ligne regiment in campaign.

There's more pics of my French Armee on my mate Davids blogsite,
Currently my armee has 98 infantry battalions, 40 regiments of cavalry & 39 batteries of artillery + engineers, gendarmes etc. I hear what you're saying . . . . its not enough. As my good freind Dr Michael says; "you always need more".

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  1. Great parade -everything looks great! I especially like the Dragoons - almost beautiful. I have a few old Foundry Nappies - they are fabulous figures - I just find some of them a little short compared to todays giants. keep up the good work,